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socialnetwork piccolaFormentera and Ibiza Libre increase their communication on the major Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter




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Formentera e Ibiza Libre increase their communication on the major Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter

On the tenth anniversary of Facebook, it appears more and more evident that social networks have changed the way we communicate on a daily basis, not only in our private relations, but also in those between Companies and their customers.

Resources like Facebook and Twitter allow online agencies to:

  • Facilitate communication with its customers, expanding the ability to instantly deliver different messages to an increasing audience

  • Reduce distances and barriers with their users, bringing communication to a younger and informal level

  • transform the classic commercial relationship into a real dialogue between seller and purchaser

Ibiza and Formentera Libre decided of course to invest resources and energy into this great tool that allows us to 'interact, communicate, comment' together with our customers on our hotels, houses, villas and apartments in Formentera and Ibiza.

Social networks are now a virtual space that offers us a great opportunity to increase communication and convey our activities and services to a growing audience, but also helps us to build a personal relationship with our clients and collaborators, which is the trademark of Ibiza and Formentera Libre.

We invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter in order to communicate with us in a fast and fun way, sharing each other's opinions, information, to then be able to take the right decisions for your holiday in Formentera and Ibiza.





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